Cat Proof Window Screen

How to keep window screens from falling out?

If you are a pet owner with ripped or damage cat netting for windows, you know the feeling of fixing window screens can consume a lot of time and money.

However, this isn’t the case.

Taking care of your home and having pets don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and we at Magnetic Insect Screens have solutions for your cat window protection and screen doors, you can spend less time and money on restoring busted window screens and more time with your pet and family.

A lot of cat owners are asking for a quick fix to this problem, and there are few things that you can do if you’re looking for pet screens.

It’s also good to keep in mind that some cats might scratch their way over screens, whereas others might be able to actually push their way through the screen with their body-weight, so you have to put a strong mesh window guards for cats or install a cat proof window mesh, keep in mind what your cat is capable of.

Here are some top suggestions for cat proofing window screens.

  • Reinforcing window netting for cats from the outside with duct tape, screws, or nails.
  • Put a Velcro cat screens for windows and doors, apply the Velcro strip around your window frame, attach the Velcro indoor cat window screen to the Velcro strip around your window to keep cats from going out.

A window protection is needed not just for cats, you can keep your windows open, and keep the bugs and other insects away while you can enjoy uninterrupted ventilation of fresh air. No matter the size of your home or your cat’s habits, you can give a ratio that fits your budget and your kitty’s needs.

How to stop the cat from getting out of the window?

A charming kitten or puppy will scratch at a fly screen door with soulful eyes, waiting to be let in. Sure it can be captivating, but sooner or later all those claw marks will build up and can damage and even tear your door mesh. Whether they’re itching to be let out or begging to come back in again (sometimes within the same minute!), letting your pet maul your door is eventually going to leave some damage.

Install our window screens for cats it is a heavy-duty solution that can allows you to say “goodbye” to ripped screens and “hello” to protection against spiders and other pests.

Window protection for cats is seven times stronger than a regular screen and engineered to withstand pet paws, claws, and teeth.

Having a window protector for cats that is more durable than a regular screen and can provide a firm protection against pets and weather elements such as hail.

If you are a DIY-kind of person, and you’re in the market looking for pet screens, we also offer a complete cat window mesh. We can do custom cat proofing windows solutions, we can provide you with a customized screen with the window screening material that fits your needs.

If you are not having any chance of stopping your pet from getting out of the window to get out, then you can install a brand new cat proof screen is the solution. The pet door flap screen will keep all of the bugs and pest out of the home and your pet will enjoy the freedom of going in and out of the door flap screen without having to scratch to get your attention.

Pet screens

Another cause for sliding screen doors to end up with holes and tears from our pets is because our cats is scratching their way out. Spare your screen door, and yourself some time by installing a door screen mesh. Our pet screens can be installed in any window or door it keeps the flies, mosquitoes, spiders and other pests out, while letting the fresh air inside.

Made from durable and quality materials, our pet screens opens easily, and stays shut when not in use it doesn’t rust or shrink and are washable.

Why Are Screens Important?

If you have indoor cats who take their toll on your screens, it can be easy to throw up your hands and agree that your screens are never going to be perfect and put up with the pests that make it through your ripped window screens, and screen doors. However, you really shouldn’t. There’s a reason why our pet screens, and many of our modern users realize how innovative our pet screens are.

Window Screens first came approximately the time of the Civil War and with their increased use throughout the years, diseases carried by pests became less and less widespread.

Make sure that even you keep your windows open, flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs could no longer bite and infect the food of the people who lived inside. Though today, we have improved the medical care that they can easily treat many kinds of the diseases carried by six-legged pests, there are still diseases, such as West Nile, carried by mosquitoes that will lead to a severe long-term damage and even death.

It is important that we remain to use window screens and sliding screen doors to safeguard us and our families from diseases and to keep misguided critters such as curious squirrels out of our homes.

5 Maintenance tips for spring

We are already looking forward to spring because of warmer temperatures, and spending time outside without a jacket. With that in mind, we feel like it’s a great time to start talking about maintenance that should be accomplished this spring to keep your home functioning and looking its best.

A lot of homeowners know that with the coming of spring, there also comes the time to do some essential home maintenance. Today, we are going to deliberate some components that needs to be accomplished this spring to keep your home functioning like it should.

1 Tidy Up

Spring time is the perfect moment to tidy up your entire home. Cleaning is prerequisite to start the spring season right. Generally, it’s easy to focus on cleaning out the inside of our homes — which is much required, but what about the other areas of our home?

Like getting back into shape and reducing the fat in our bodies, doing the same for our homes can be a terrific way to get ready for the upcoming seasons. Clean out your closets, clear your pantry, and even try to set up the garage and basement area attractively. Make your home spotless, organized, and ready for sunnier days.

2 Inspect the Roof

It’s always a great idea to check out your roof after winter . Check for loose or lost shingles. Also look for cracks, and other damage. The winter temperatures, water, ice, wind, tree branches, and other aspects can damage our roofs. Also, be sure to look at your chimney, skylights, vents, and other roof components to make sure that they are still perfectly sealed and haven’t obtain any damage from the winter.

3 Clean Out the Gutters

When you’re clearing out your home of all “the fat,” it isn’t just the needless items that need to go, but also the sludge that has built up over the winter. Even if you spend money to install gutter guards, you will probably have to free your gutters of dirt and other fragments. Those that don’t have gutter guards, may find leaves, twigs, pine-cones, and other things have made their way into your gutters.

Clearing your gutters of any blockage is necessary for the function of your home’s gutters. Gutters protect your home from water damage by catching the water and taking it away from your home and to a drainage space. When water spills over (during a spring rainstorm, for instance), you can experience leaking and water damage. Take a ladder, some gloves, a bucket or canister, and get started! Also, make sure the rest of your drainage system is catching the water and taking it away from your home.

4 Give the HVAC System some TLC

Our home’s HVAC systems have done its best all year to keep our homes comfortable. Springtime is the perfect time to give back to a system that works relentlessly to make a convenient atmosphere in your home. One of the preferred things to do for your home’s HVAC system is by calling your local HVAC company and to have them clean and calibrate your system if need be.

Disinfecting your duct systems and filters is also a great idea and is generally a service that your HVAC technician may provide. By sanitizing your system, you can make sure that you aren’t contending with indoor air pollution and that your system is functioning at its most efficient — which can save you money on your monthly energy bills.

5 Clean, Repair & Replace Screens

Checking if your screens are in working order is a must for your spring maintenance list. Because an open, damage or broken screens can allow free-loading insects and pests to runaround in your home.

As we reach the warmer months, cleaning your screens (to keep dust and dirt that have accumulated on them), brings back the natural flow of fresh air in your home and be sure to check for gaps or tears in them. If there is damage, you can fix them. However, sometimes its uncomplicated if you just replace your screens. Also, don’t forget to check your windows to make sure they don’t have gaps and keeping your home from experiencing drafts.

If you need new screens, visit Magnetic Insect Screens. We offer windows or door screen materials as well as complete new window screens. We offer conventional screens as well as those made from the latest screen mesh materials that can prevent your cats for scratching the screens, more than just keeping the bugs out of your home.

These are just some of the spring maintenance tasks to carry out for spring. Consider checking your smoke detector batteries, sanitize you kitchen utensils, cleaning your appliances that you usually use, and even cleaning your carpets and flooring.